Ack, My Birthday

It used to be that I looked forward to my birthday.  Back in the 60’s, we had those parties where all the girls wore dresses and the boys dressed up and we all looked forward to wearing the birthday hats.  My mom always made the special foaming punch with Hi-C, ginger ale and rainbow sherbet.    There were no TV related commercial themes: just cake, pretzels, potato chips and presents.  O-K,  we did play musical chairs and pin- the- tail on the donkey.


Then there was my sweet sixteen surprise party and turning 21 and officially becoming an adult.  I turned 30 in the Philippines when I was living there as a Peace Corps Volunteer. That was a fine tequila birthday on the beach by the South China Sea.  Now I am a woman of a certain age.  Yeah,  I don’t even want to name it because I am definitely in denial.  In my head, I’m still about 25 and it amazes me that I work with people who I am old enough to be their MOTHER.


My lovely husband never remembers how old I am.  This year he thought I was two years younger until I reminded him that will be his age this year.  And WHAT. WAS. I. THINKING when I had Darling Boy 5 days before I turned 40.  ( best birthday present ever)  Then I gave birth to twins when I was 41.  Now I’m the oldest mom in their group of friends.   God bless my young friends (again , I  am old enough to be their MOTHER)  they never throw it in my face that I can’t keep up with them.


This year my birthday falls on a Saturday and we are going to Longwood Gardens, a beautiful place created by some rich DuPont that has lovely fountains,  beautiful flowers and conservatories.  Also,  it’s incredibly wheel chair friendly,  the paths are paved and there’s even a wheel chair accessible tree house.  Darling Boy enjoys it there so much.   It’s very peaceful and colorful.  So, everyone take your allergy meds because that’s where we’re going today.

Question for the day:  what is your favorite nature place that is wheelchair friendly?


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