Oh, The Places I Go!

On this journey I go to doctors’ appointments,

dr office

And there we are given some disappointments

At first we saw developmental pediatricians,

From there we were on the road to diagnosticians.

Three geneticists and several neurologists,

I even  considered going to a phrenologist.phrenology head

For a long time no one could find a diagnosis,

So we continued the visits and then with a boom

The seizures got worse and we were in the  emergency room.

We went so many times I told staff we would be admitted,

They looked at me funny but they eventually submitted.

I go other places with my Darling Boy

T.o school events which he enjoys.

Shopping with his sisters he likes not so much,

especially if it’s a girly store like Justice.

He loves the outdoors if it’s not too cold or too hot,

He likes the Archeology museum a lot.boardwalk

He likes the boardwalk but not the beach,

With me at his side, there’s nothing he can’t reach.


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