Getting Unstuck ( at least for now)


ImageI’m a teacher and have the summer off.  Usually this is  a happy time because I get to hang out with my twins and Darling Boy.  We used to belong to a pool but the stinkers sold it and now there’s a restaurant there.  My girls are older, which is good, but they want to do their own thing.  They have told me in no uncertain terms that there will be no educational field trips this summer.  Note: middle school girls are SO lovely.  D.B. is in summer school, so he’s still getting a good routine.  But this summer is different.  It started out with a vicious upper respiratory virus that had me on the couch for 2 days.  After that, I just never got the energy to start my HUMONGOUS LIST of things I should do because I am home all day.  Then I  got all worked up for D.B.’s surgery and it was cancelled. Finally, I realized that my depression had a depression and I asked a friend for her therapy group and began to make some changes. So here’s some of the things I’m trying to do to get out of this morass of feeling shitty.  


Started therapy: yeah, when the therapist asks why you’re there and you start crying, perhaps that’s a sign that one needs to be there.  I keep myself together as much as possible but this fairly new diagnosis is a bummer. It’s hard to see Darling Boy declining physically.  I know it’s not going to get better and that is pretty damn sad.


Going Away with a Traveling Companion.  (note the Dr. Who reference)  We didn’t take a T.A.R.D.I.S., but we did get away.  Also,  got to stay in a hotel room and drink red wine.   My nerdy self and said Traveling Companion went to a conference sponsored by CureCMD.  It was a family conference at the National Institute of Health that had the latest information on research to cure Congenital Muscular Dystrophy.


Connecting with families who are going through similar issues.  And with that,  learning how best to take care of Darling Boy.  I didn’t realize he would need a pulmonologist.  Silly me.  He now has an appointment with one of the doctors that presented at the conference who happens to practice at a Children’s Hospital very close to us.  Score!


Starting to eat healthy again.  I lost a significant amount of weight and gained it all back.  I am again committed to eating healthy and exercising because I know it’s the right thing for me to do..  It’s a bitch to take care of me when all I want to do is lay on the couch and read or watch TV.  Of course, I still do the normal taking care of Darling Boy things.  But then I’m all: oh, whine, whine, I just did all that work, let me have some me time.  I love to read and use this as a default to get away from my problems.  

So, that’s it for now.  Hopefully the therapy along with the good nutrition and exercise will turn me around.  What do you do when you need to get unstuck?



  1. I congratulate you on making a plan. That is the first step!
    As a special ed teacher you go above and beyond in caring for others ( teachers and students). Having a job that requires a lot of giving of emotional energy also drains you. The good thing is, that even when you are down, you seem to be able to squeeze a little humor out of a situation!

  2. Good for you Trish for putting yourself in the front of the line. I started participating in half marathons to support Cure CMD. I have done 4 of them to date! A great way to get in shape and support a great organization at the same time. I’m doing the Disney Half over Labor Day weekend (and, no, I’m not even remotely ready for it) as part of Team Cure CMD. (btw, I don’t run 1/2 marathons, I only walk them.)

    Good luck! Half the battle is making the decision to make a change. You can do this.

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