Dinner and a Movie



Who doesn’t love a minion? photo courtesy of walleh.com

When Darling Boy and his sisters were younger,  the 4 of us would go on many adventures.  Every summer, we would pack up the car and go to the local swim club.  I may have had 3 toddlers to watch, one who couldn’t walk, but we were out in the sun and enjoying the water.  I am still mad that they sold that swim club and built a restaurant there.  


When Darling Boy was 7, we would drive 45 minutes out to the country  and he would get horse back riding therapy while the girls and I played in the waiting room.  Then we would go grab some dinner afterwards.  Every summer and fall , we would head to the local pumpkin patch and pick apples, go on hayrides and get our pumpkins.  It was some work, but fortunately for me,  the twins were really good at listening and staying close by my side.  I think they learned that as survival skills; a brother with a disability keeps you on your toes.


The past 2 summers have been different.  The problem is twofold: D.B.’s getting bigger and not so easy to pack in the car and run with him and he’s really adversely affected by the heat and just can’t be out in it. Also, when we’re out with Darling Boy and he needs to be changed,  I have to find a place to lay him on the floor on a blanket and change him that way.  So we really don’t go out for more than a few hours.


Today was like old times though,  I packed the kids up and we went to see Despicable Me 2.  D.B. sat in front and enjoyed the entire movie.  He laughed at the right times and didn’t scream once.  Then we walked over to the Mexican restaurant and ate some great burritos.  He only bit through one plastic spoon.  Note to self: bring own spoon next time.  He did scream while we were getting the food but this is normal.  He knows food is coming and he wants it NOW.  He did a great job and enjoyed himself.  His sisters were really helpful and I was so  happy to get a little bit of our adventure time back.




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