Seizures Suck


Seizures: a lightning storm in the brain

This will just be a quick little post.  On Thursday, Darling Boy had a seizure.  While this is nothing new, he hasn’t had one in 6 weeks.  That’s the longest he’s gone without a seizure since he hit puberty.  So,  I was coasting along thinking, “Maybe he’s getting all his meds in because of the g-tube and the seizures will be controlled.” Like, as if I could even think that for a little moment because “bwaa ha ha ha!!”, said the neurons.  “Let’s have a lightning storm.”

Oldest Daughter had just walked in to pick up BamBam.  We were talking and I was finishing up feeding Darling Boy.  He fell over, which happens because he loses his balance.  Then, his head started convulsing.  This is new, I thought.  So I cupped my hands under his head and told Oldest Twin to start timing.  It felt like forever, watching his head shake and it looked like he was gasping for breath.  He didn’t turn blue though.  Then it stopped, just like that.  Sudden start, sudden stop.  It was only a minute and a half.

I am grateful that it happened while BamBam’s mom was here.  He wasn’t even aware that anything bad had happened.  The twins have seen these so many times that they know the protocol; start timing when mom asks.  But they don’t really watch them and if Dad is home, they just run upstairs.  I think that ‘s a pretty good strategy for them.

He didn’t fall asleep right after but did sleep in the next day.  He’s been pretty cranky since then.  But that could just  be constipation :). Let’s hope it’s another 6 weeks before we see another!

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  1. Seizures do suck!! Fortunately, my son is not aware when he has them, so it’s only scary for me to watch, and not scary for him. We are lucky. My son has only had 2, but that was 2 too many. He’s well controlled on meds. He didn’t have the second one until we took a break from the meds to see if he still needed them. (hugs) Hopefully, with the new g-tube they will continue to be less frequent.

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