small world

across the world

take me

on silver clouds i float

adventure girl

crossing oceans

feeling at home in the sky






small details of a life await me

i didn’t see this coming

i didn’t see the dragon unleashed

striking fire

causing tremors


across the room

take me

to  hands that quake in mine

no control

but wonder

no fear


into your eyes

take me

to the color of the ocean on a cloudy day

what lies behind them


the dragon waits inside your head

ready to shake your body

and roll those eyes around

the body goes limp

and we don’t know where you go


the world shrinks

to the minutes

how many go by before we

have to tame that dragon

or does he leave on his own



sleep steals upon you

and I lay down beside you

and breathe

feel your body

resting, quiet, no tremors


and the world

becomes the breath between us