things you don’t know about me

10 Things You May Not Know About Me (response to John Scalzi)

1. I ran over my daughter’s foot when she was 6.  Only bruised it!

2.  Worked for unionizing Child Care Workers.

3.  Married to a former Professional Wrestling (ok, only local )

4.  Learned Applied Behavioral Analysis from someone who learned it from Lovass.   (big deal in the ABA community, but not anywhere else.)

5. Am only 1 degree separated from Kevin Bacon.  My sister went to PA Governor’s School of the Arts with him back in the day.

6.  Chased muggers and almost caught them.

7.  Sang ” We are Family” on stage with Kim Sledge.

8.  Had a poem published when I was in high school.

9.   Got sent to the hospital with a bone bruise when a student threw a chair and it hit me. (working emotional support, need I say more?)

10.  Rode on the top of the bus when I was sightseeing in the Cordillera Mountains when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines.