Batshit Crazy with a Side of Venom

To the Lady Who Wrote This Hateful Letter,

ImageI think you may be a seriously deranged person.  Please hie thee to a psych ward. Your description of a normal residential neighborhood makes me cringe.  You can abide the sound of barking dogs but not a non-verbal kid’s sounds?    Did you ever think they may be sounds of joy?  I saw a clip of the kid on a news video.  He was happily flapping away and jumping up and down.  He has no idea that there is so much hate in the world. He may know when people don’t like him.  He knows what makes him happy but trust me, he isn’t trying to scare your kids.  This is your opportunity as a parent to educate them to be tolerant of difference.  But I guess you missed out on that parenting strategy.


This kid and the kids like him don’t scream to annoy you.  They scream to communicate.  Trust me, my non-verbal son has several high pitched screams.  One usually means he’s in pain, the other means he wants us to change the tv channel.  And there are times when he’s been screaming for hours and I  just want him to shut the “f” up.  I understand that it can be annoying but here’s the thing: he’s a human being.  I know you’re one too but you are a sad representation of what is “normal”.  I’d rather hang out with my son or that kid who annoys you so much.

And just what do you mean when you say that “you should take his non-retarded body parts and donate them to science.”  Are you a reincarnation of a Nazi? You are talking about someone’s child.  You also talked about him never getting a job or being loved by a girl.  All I can think, is What the What?  Life is so much more than the little box that you live in.  My son will never be married or hold a job but he will provide other people with jobs as they care for him.  And many people love those with special needs. Before my son was born, I was a special education teacher and loved all my guys, even the ones who screamed.  


I hope  the police do find you and your neighbors know just what kind of human being you are.  But if they don’t,  at least you’ll know that your ignorant attitudes are no longer accepted in our world.



  1. This is an open statement to the author of that letter.
    The statements that you have made are insensitive, hurtful and demonstrate a juvenile mentality. People with Autism, are still people. Though not always apparent they have feelings just like you.
    I understand your frustration with your neighbor’s behavior. Children with disabilities can be frustrating, and exhausting. I say this from experience; I am raising a son with autism. It is difficult but having him in my life has given me a greater sense of humanity that I otherwise would not have. You should open yourself up to acceptance of his diversity; clearly you could benefit from a greater sense of humanity yourself.
    Take a moment and try to understand the frustration that this boy experiences every day. Like any child, like your children, he has needs, but he does not have the ability to express them, at least not in a way that most people can understand. The voice inside his head is screaming for someone to help him, understand him, accept him; but when he tries to speak all he can produce is the “noise” that you complain about. He hears it too; it is not the sound he wants to make. If he had the ability to articulate his needs verbally, like your “normal” children he would.
    You are a coward. Everyone has the right to speak their minds. If you had taken ownership of your statements I would not hesitate to defend that right, but you have not. You have chosen to hide behind anonymity. If you lack shame for the hurtful things you have said you should at least be ashamed that you are not taking responsibility for them.
    I will not hide my identity; I take full responsibility for everything that I say. My name is Wade Huntley, I live in West Jordan Utah, I operate a website: where my contact information can be found. You are welcome to contact me yourself. Be warned that I may post any communications that I receive from you and if you reveal your identity to me I will disclose it publicly.
    Finally, I am making an open offer of $100(USD) to anyone that can positively identify you as the author of this letter. It isn’t much but it is all that I can afford. Given the hurtful things that you have said I doubt it will require any reward for someone to reveal who you are. If I am able to confirm your identity I will post it publicly on my site and I will provide it to your local news stations.

    Wade Huntley
    Proud father of an autistic child

    1. So much better written than my rant. I agree with everything you said. My son is so much more than his inability to speak and the people who know him can tell that. Alas, sensitivity is not this person’s strong point.

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